Birds of Prey Photography Workshop

Face-to-Face with an Apex Predator Few things rival the awe and excitement of coming face to face with an apex predator. This can be fraught with fear and anxiety should that encounter happen in the wild, and many of us would do whatever possible to avoid such a thing. However, when that encounter is scheduled [...]

Eco Art and Science Camp 2017: Day 4

Sun/Plants and Fungi/Acryllic Painting Day 4 rolled in with warmth and sunshine... Warmth?! Sunshine?! Yes, finally! Unfortunately, it was not all "sunshine" as two of our campers from out of town had to leave camp early. However, this beautiful summer’s day was just in time for the concept of the day, "Sun," and its role [...]

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Eco Art and Science Camp 2017: Day 3

Water/Color Wednesday's morning mimicked Tuesday's, grey and damp, the air thick and hot. The proposed agenda was a morning full of science, then wrapping up the afternoon with a peaceful art session, but on this particular day the weather was against us, forcing us to adjust the agenda while conveniently dovetailing the theme of the [...]

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Eco Art and Science Camp 2017: Day 2

Animals/Observational Drawing Strategies Tuesday came on grey and humid, the sticky morning air already heavy with heat. After starting the day with a crash course in observational drawing, Jen and the campers joined me on a stroll around the pastures, all of us sleepy-eyed and swatting at mosquitoes. As we walked (and swatted), we discussed [...]

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Nestbox Monitoring and Wildlife Husbandry: The Basics!

If you've ever joined us out at Robin Hills Farm for a hike, tour or event, you may have noticed the little wooden nestboxes, set high on T-posts, that dot the property—by the ponds, around the pasture, in the Wetland Loop of our nature trail, or peeping out from the woods near the garden. [...]