Birds of Prey Photography Workshop

Face-to-Face with an Apex Predator Few things rival the awe and excitement of coming face to face with an apex predator. This can be fraught with fear and anxiety should that encounter happen in the wild, and many of us would do whatever possible to avoid such a thing. However, when that encounter is scheduled [...]

Visit with Local Birds of Prey

Kate Zurenko and the Michigan Avian Experience Here at Robin Hills Farm, we’re so lucky to have a site with as much natural beauty as agricultural and recreational value. A stroll on our nature trails is one great way to appreciate the range of Michigan ecosystems, habitats and overall biodiversity that we’re stewards [...]

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A Happy Holiday Weekend at Robin Hills Farm!

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?! This week is sure to be a busy one for most of us, packed with last-minute shopping, post office runs, and preparations for travel or for receiving guests. Here at Robin Hills Farm, this past weekend was equally packed, as we tried to squeeze in as much festive [...]

Educational Opportunities for Youth at Robin Hills Farm

We have lift off!!! It has been a long time coming, and although we're not yet fully prepared to host big school groups with all the construction and big machinery moving about, we were finally able to host our first youth program at Robin Hills Farm, something we hope will become an integral part of [...]