Nestbox Monitoring and Wildlife Husbandry: The Basics!

If you've ever joined us out at Robin Hills Farm for a hike, tour or event, you may have noticed the little wooden nestboxes, set high on T-posts, that dot the property—by the ponds, around the pasture, in the Wetland Loop of our nature trail, or peeping out from the woods near the garden. [...]

Visit with Local Birds of Prey

Kate Zurenko and the Michigan Avian Experience Here at Robin Hills Farm, we’re so lucky to have a site with as much natural beauty as agricultural and recreational value. A stroll on our nature trails is one great way to appreciate the range of Michigan ecosystems, habitats and overall biodiversity that we’re stewards [...]

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A Happy Holiday Weekend at Robin Hills Farm!

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?! This week is sure to be a busy one for most of us, packed with last-minute shopping, post office runs, and preparations for travel or for receiving guests. Here at Robin Hills Farm, this past weekend was equally packed, as we tried to squeeze in as much festive [...]