Relax and Learn with Local Experts

For nearly three years now, the Robin Hills Farm education department has offered educational opportunities for those looking to engage with process and gain new skills and knowledge through hands-on workshops with local experts specializing in a wide variety of topics that include sustainable living, arts and culture, health and wellness, home and garden, and more. We take much pride in our ability to offer such a diverse collection of workshops to those seeking to enrich their lives, but we also acknowledge that in such a busy world, dedicating our (limited) free time to further study is a big investment and a serious undertaking. After all, some people just want to relax after a day’s long work and share quality time with friends.

Well, we at Robin Hills Farm have heard you, and Thursday, January 18th saw to the launch of our first “Do It Yourself” workshop, a fusion of low-investment education with the informality of sharing time with friends after work! Participants just need to register and then show up to the Welcome Building at 6 pm.

Each week features a different artist or artisan who will guide participants through a hands-on project during the 2-hour workshop. Last Thursday focused on charcoal drawing with professional illustrator, Dave Carr.

The workshop began with a short instructional where Dave went over some of the basic concepts of drawing, like measurements and comparisons. Then he let the students loose to focus on the main skill of “construction” in still life drawing (i.e. creating the framework or structure of the object). Dave brought in bags full of random objects with varying sizes, shapes, and complexity, and eager students gathered round the table to select what would be their subject. Though the classroom began with a quiet of focus and intent, a few minutes or so in and the atmosphere turned vibrant and lively. Discussion and compliments on artwork flowed freely, and there was some serious talent present in the room. Renderings of bottles and antique cameras and motorcycle helmets began to appear on each pad of newsprint. Dave wandered throughout the classroom offering his assistance when needed, and before the first hour was up, participants had already moved on to lighting and more advanced techniques of composition in their drawings.

Perhaps the participants were closet artists, or perhaps the instruction was just that good; or maybe, it was simply providing the opportunity for someone to sit down and focus on an unfamiliar craft for two hours. Whatever the reason, the finished pieces were truly works of art. As the session winded down, the participants finished their artwork and thanked the instructor. For us at Robin Hills Farm, we were happy to hear such positive feedback, and we look forward to the upcoming workshop on Painting: Acrylics on Canvas with artist Lindsey Dahl, scheduled for Thursday, January 25th, at 6pm. We hope you’ll join us! Register here or get more information.