Some of you may remember our first Robin Run Adventure 5k last year, though of course we were just breaking in on the Chelsea scene then. This year’s course was bigger and badder, taking place on our brand-new completed nature trail system, and having made a bit more of a name for ourselves in the past year we got the word out to a lot more community members. Saturday morning came, our 36 racers bravely tackled the obstacles, and though we all anxiously eyed the skies it seemed to be shaping up to a great day of festivities…

Until right after the Kids’ Race, when the clouds that had been so kindly waiting for them to finish their junior obstacle course opened up with a vengeance, understandably scaring off many of our guests. But here at Robin Hills Farm, we’re quite used to persevering in the face of unexpected snafus and the unstoppable will of the elements, so we followed our usual philosophy: The Show Must Go On!

And go on it did, with all of our performers quickly regrouping and wedging into our Aquaponics Greenhouse with the remaining crowd of courageous and loyal friends & family. The Michigan Avian Experience brought out their star birds of prey, tango experts Sophia and Jose danced on, the entire Chelsea High School Theater Guild managed to run a preview of their fall musical for us, and then The Bowdish Brothers and Cold Tone Harvest took their turns rocking the house. All the while, volunteers from the Chelsea Community Kitchen kept spirits up and chills at bay with craft beer from Chelsea Alehouse and wine from Sandhill Crane Vineyards.

Our resident chef Laura Thacker made sure everyone had plenty of hot corn chowder, turkey brie wraps & hummus to go around, and though the day wasn’t exactly what we planned, we can testify with confidence that a good time was had by all who stuck it out. Thanks again, everyone!